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Design & Art - Exhibition of sculptures by Paweł Orłowski

Your Art Maison Gallery and HB Reavis cordially invite to the exhibition “Design & Art”, presenting sculptures made by our artist - Paweł Orłowski [from “BOTS” series].

16.01.2017 - 03.02.2017
POSTĘPU 14, Warsaw

Grand Opening of the exhibition:
16:00 - 20:00
POSTĘPU 14, Warszawa

Presented sculptures belong to the series called "Bots". This term was created from the word robot, popular in the 20th century, endowed with multiple meanings. "Bot" is a program that performs certain actions as a substitute for human and "Botyka" as a discipline uses knowledge of human behavior, analyzing natural language and ways of human communication to use the acquired material for digital modeling and simulation of human behavior.

The sculptures of Paweł Orłowski link to the eternal dream of many artists of the ideal creation, being in the likeness of a man, but not attributed to his flaws, weaknesses and limitations. This is a recurring theme in the culture of being more perfect, stronger, immortal and obedient to his wizard - inventor. On the other hand, these works simultaneously discredit this dream, showing the inevitability of defeat. Steel, the material from which the sculptures are made, rather than emphasize the indestructibility, reveals with the visible traces of welding, constructed artificiality.

The work shows an extraordinary beauty resulting from the noble simplicity of the material used, minimalism, artistic and economic forms. The artist creates the events taking place in the public space, provoking confrontation and reflection. He is interested in the reactions and relationships that provoke his subjects. The sculptures are arranged freely in space, depending on the context and environment in which they are located. Thanks to the simplified form they are ambiguous and open to interpretation.




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